Summer’s Almost Here

Can’t wait for the season to start. Actually, it already is starting. But it’s still early March and summer doesn’t officially begin until classes end, which will be two to three weeks from now. So, what to do while waiting? Plan my vacation trips, of course.

My college friends and I are already planning to go to Batangas, to one of the numerous beach resorts there. But we have one advantage over the other peepz! One of us has a rest house in Tali Beach, which we can use exclusively. Haha! I do hope it’s gonna push through. At least, if I can’t go to Puerto Galera or Boracay this year, I’ll be able to go to one beach resort. Apart from the convenience of using an exclusive resort, privacy and the use of other amenities, we could save on expenses as well, especially when we’re talking about accomodation and food.


Aside from beach vacations, I’m also thinking about my neighbor’s offer to take up basic sailing. Well, I wanted to do something new this year, why not sailing, right? The Taal Lake Yacht Club offers some basic and advanced courses for those interested in this specialized sport. So how ’bout it? You think I should go sailing? Hehe.

You know, I think it’d be fun to learn something that’s not really mainstream. I mean, people always want to go SCUBA diving or snorkeling. But only a few would actually think to take up sailing. I’m the outdoor kinda guy so I maybe I’ll enjoy this since I already enjoy hiking, rappelling, zip lining, horseback riding, and, most especially my favorite of them all, white-water rafting!



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