Déjà vu

Why did this happen to again?

Why, why, why…? It seems fate is determined to be an obstacle.

Two and a half years ago, at my previous job, the company designed to put half of our operations in another floor due to the expansion. Cruel fate played a part even before the move to another floor, I was already assigned to the other half of the operations and all my closest friends in the office – my barkada – were on the other side. They were the ones that would be moving two floors down the building.

It was heart-wrenching the first time. We’d grown so close in the short time that we’ve know each other – less than a year. Though all of us are still close up to this day, it still cut through me like a hot knife through butter.


And now years later, it’s happened again. Same scenario – I consider those who be moving as friends, not just officemates – same fate, I’m here on the 28th floor of our building, all of them are in the ground floor!

Though we’ve all known for quite some time that it would happen… Reality is really a real b*tch!

In a few days, things will probably get back to normalcy but for now, I feel like I shoulda done something to prevent it from happening…


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