Ghost Rider, and other upcoming action movies

Well, I was finally able to watch the movie, and just finish doing up a short review. Actually, it more like my feelings about the movie. You can check it out at my Multiply site: Ghost Rider review.

Now that I’ve seen Ghost Rider. It’s time to anticipate other good movies for the year.

I hear 300 is going to be showing next week. I don’t know what happened with Pathfinder but I thought it was supposed to be shown starting last Wednesday. Oh well, I’ll just have to wait for it. I’m not sure what else is showing for the Month of March or April, but I do know one movie that I’m waiting for that’ll be in the big screen on May 4th – Spiderman 3!

There’s this dark fantasy movie titled Pan’s Labyrinth. It looks promising. Maybe I’ll ask me sister to watch it with me. We’re both into the dark fantasy and comedy satire genre – books and movies.

After Spiderman, it’s gonna be a race of which movie is shown first: Pirates of the Caribbean 3, Fantastic Four, Transformers, Harry Potter 5, and others.

I wasn’t able to watch the one with Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz as the lead roles. I forgot the title but it also looked interesting to watch. Tsk… Oh, and did I mention that I watched Curse of the Golden Flower? As with any Chinese-themed, action-filled drama movies lately, I really didn’t understand it at all. Haha!

Who cares, huh? You pay for the action scenes. =)

Anyways, I gotta get back to work now. Chop, chop. See you later!


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