Welcoming the Year of the Pig

As the Chinese New Year of the Pig draws near, I smell the sweet, aromatic fragrance of tikoy and the steamy, delicious scent of buchi. Yum, yum… Can’t wait to celebrate another holiday, gonna wear red for luck, collect as many ampaos as possible, eat lots and lots of food, healthy, of course. Hahaha!

I’ve already read my Fortune for this Year of the Pig and ready to rumble!

For this year, I plan to… Well, just take a look at my Resolutions for this year. Just to inform you that I’m working hard to achieve all these goals, and I’m nearing not one of them! Hahaha. Still, I have my goals and I have my plans to achieve at least 60% of these goals this year.


Kung hei fat choi!


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