Decisions, decisions…


My friend is inviting to go to Puerto Galera today or even tomorrow. I have an invite to a pre-Valentine’s Day party at one of the clubs here in Makati. Our blockmates are also hanging out at dampa, Libis tonight and may be going up to Tagaytay tomorrow. Another friend texted me to invite for a DotA session, also tonight. Aarggh! I can’t live like this.

Which invite to accept??

Should I go to Galera tomorrow and come back on Sunday afternoon/evening? Do I go to the MEco hangout again knowing that it’s gonna be another late night session?

Or maybe I can just stay at home and enjoy a good relaxing weekend? Lemme see…


Stay home…

No, don’t stay at home! Go out and have fun!

Stay home…

I’m beginning to feel like a freakin’ schizo! Yikes!


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