Weekend of Fun 3

Weekend of Fun 2 (More pictures at: Celebrity and Flickr)

Well, what’s a full day of fun and excitement without a night of drinks and laughter?

I know, I know… I’ve just been drinking the night before and I almost threw up in EK. But who cares? This is a despidida party and this may be the last time I get to spend some drinking time with my friend for a long while. So…? Off to Fil-Invest at one of the condos/hotels there for an overnight. Hehe.


I was pooped by the time I got there. It was a veeeery looooong day for me (been awake for more than 24 hours (with less than an hour of sleep). But the show must go on… Good thing we went to the pool area. The wind and environment there was just invigorating. Ahh… This is life.

I only drank a few gulps of tequila. I wasn’t up to drinking, really, just wanted to spend time with my friends who are like family to me (eww, mushy…). Hehehe. But I did finish off the wine with a quarter of a bottle still to go. Hahaha! Not up to drinking, huh?

It’s blurred (I must’ve moved a bit and the night mode of my cam is a bit sensitive) but the moonlight was just great, I couldn’t resist taking a shot. Sadly, the battery was running low so I couldn’t take as much pictures as I wanted to (or maybe it’s “Rochelle couldn’t take a lot of pictures like she wanted to). Haha!

Yes, it’s quite a long story to another long weekend. So what else is new for me? Who knows? I plan to take up something new this year… 🙂

Uhmm… Joey? Are you okay? Or do you need to go to the bathroom? Hehe…


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