Weekend of Fun 2

Weekend of Fun 1

Well, I thought I’d be able to go home early on Friday night. I should have learned my lesson from previous MEco hangouts – it’s always certain that it will end after 1 AM. Tsk, tsk. But this was actually the gimik that ended the latest (4 AM). I could have gone home early, but as usual, I didn’t want to miss out on anything exciting. The result? I got home at around 5:30 AM after I accompanied Armand to bring Kim home at Q.C. – we had to go all the way from the Fort to Q.C. and then back to Makati. Hehehe.

You can just imagine how tired I was already when I got home. Surprisingly, I wasn’t drunk even though I tried out the Slammer. I though I’d be just fine at Enchanted Kingdom… Oh, how wrong I was…

Enchanted Kingdom

Call Time: 8:00 AM
Meeting Place: Shell Gas Station, McKinley Rd
What to bring: Shades (N/A), extra shirt (yes), others (can’t think!!)

My Plan was just to read up on any book available. But stupid me had to lie down for a while to get some rest and the next thing I realize is that my cellphone is ringing! The alarm clock had already went off and it was now on its second-reminder mode. So I had to rush to get to the gas station. Still groggy and tired (with just one hour of sleep, wow, no wonder!), I got up, showered, dressed, stuffed an extra shirt into my bag, and left the house. Oh, well. So much for preparedness. Hehe.

Anyways, to cut it all short. I made it to E.K. all in one piece still feeling exhilirated and super-charged despite the fact that I’d only had an hour of sleep. We took breakfast somewhere at SLEX and I didn’t feel like throwing up at all! Oh, goodie goodie!


Fast forward…

After waiting in line, we were finally at Enchanted Kingdom and our first priority? What else – take pictures of ourselves. There were mascots there and we had the guts to have our pix taken with them. Hahaha!


I’m not gonna bore you with much details. I just wanna say that if you’re in EK and it happens that you were at a party and drinking alcohol the previous night, don’t ride Anchors Away and Space Shuttle one after the other. ‘Coz I did exactly that! And at Rialto, by the middle of the movie, I was going through breathing exercises like a mad pregnant woman who was about to give birth to a whale! I didn’t throw up inside the theater. In fact, I didn’t throw up the whole day at all. Hah!

Tsk, tsk… Only then was I regretting the pitcher of Kamikaze and the single shot of that eurgh!-of-a-drink called Slammer, not to mention coming home late (or should it be early… early in the morning that is!).

Oh, that’s me with Tracy above. We were all set on one side of the Anchors Away ship and the ride hasn’t started yet. But he was already feeling squeamish. Hahaha – not! He actually took the ride four times! Talk about being reluctant, huh? Hehe.

Anyways… Despite the fact that I was feeling the hangover from last night, I still had fun at the place ‘coz after lunch, I was feeling much, much better. Even better after having a facial (joke!) at the Jungle Log Jam and a bath at the Rio Grande Rapids.



So… after enduring a hangover, wet and wild rides, weightlessness, dizziness… etc, our EK experience ended with an encore at the Anchors Away and Space Shuttle! It was ice cold up there! Hahaha!

But that wasn’t the end of day for me ‘coz I still had a despidida party to attend at Fil-Invest. Tsk, tsk, tsk… Will I ever learn? Naw… Life’s too short and full of fun! Why be a killjoy?

To be continued…


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