Weekend of Fun 1

Hello there, all you happy people. It was another fun-filled weekend and as your faithful reporter of travel and living, and fun-filled gatherings, I’m here once again to recount my exploits over the past few days.

Let’s start with the MEco activities. MEco stands for Management Economics, and that’s my degree, by the way (Bachelor of Arts) from the Ateneo de Manila University.

Aposento Bar (Jan 27)

If you wanna relax after work, or just chill out and enjoy a good round of conversation with your clique then I recommend Aposento as one of the good places to hangout (there’s always home, of course). It’s in a quiet neighborhood and the setting is cozy enough (at least for me). Sometimes on weekends, there’d be a band playing at the ground floor. The smoking area is at the second floor or outside on the sidewalks, hehe. Price is within range for the young professional’s monthly wage not to be crying too much. 😉

Click on the smaller pictures for a larger version (it’s in Flickr).




Greenbelt and The Fort (Feb 2)

Okay, so having welcomed Kim back to Manila at Aposento Bar, it was now time to have more fun. And what could be more fun than going to a bar or club, right?

Dinner was at Krokodile Grille at Greenbelt 3


Gimik proper was at the Fort. Kim and the others went inside Embassy but the rest of us opted to go to Pier One instead and wait them out.


Below: Armand, K-ann and Me gulping the Slammer (Eurgh, taste like used socks!)

Aftershocks… More pictures at Flickr.

An end to a beautiful night full of fun excitement. I can only imagine what it must have been like inside Embassy by the time Kim and the others went inside (around 1 AM). While I wanted to go with them, I had to restrain myself ‘coz I had to wake up early the following morning. But to no avail…

To be continued…

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