Early Bird

Yep, I arrived before 8:30 AM today because our new CEO (our company merged with another company last November) arrived today with some other guests and the managers requested that all employees be here before the visitors arrive. But you know? Even though I got here at 8:15, they still arrived before me! Oh, well… I still arrived early. Hehehe.

There you go… =)


It’s getting to be a challenge waking up early everyday just to get to the office before 9:30 in the morning. I used to be able to rise by six and then be at the office before 8:30 but now? I can’t seem to rouse myself that easily anymore. I think I need something to motivate me to be at the office early. *sigh*

Maybe if I have a project or something? Or maybe not. Anyways, I’ll think of something. It’s time to get back to my old habit of being in early. Hehe.

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