Judgement Day is Near

Oh, yes… With barely a month before our contracts expire, everyone is jittery about our uncertain futures. Will we get confirmed and be granted regular status, or will we have to start looking for replacement jobs? Everybody is talking about looking for alternative jobs, back-up work, etc. Everybody’s making plans or cancelling them due to this realization.

I, myself, am uncertain of the future. I’d like to stay here, of course. It’s good company with great people. I like the work. It’s, at least, close to my degree (since we deal in corporate governance and such), and I actually like the laid back atmosphere here. So peaceful… Hehehe. This would only be my second job after graduating about four years ago and so far, I’ve been lucky to choose my work and my employers.

Oh, well… Que sera sera. I’ll just get on with my life and with my work. I’ll wait for Judgement Day (which, incidentally, might be today or tomorrow… aaarrrrgggghhh!!!)


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