Cause and Effect

You know I don’t get it when people ask stupid questions when the answers are right in front of them. Yeah, I guess that we’re afraid to commit mistakes that’s why we tend to ask the banal or the obvious, but sometimes some people just takes stupidity to the extreme.

If someone of authority informs you about changes, upgrades, new processes, etc. and that person directs you to follow the change, do you have to ask another person who has no authority over you? Isn’t it common sense that you read the instructions carefully and properly first before going on and asking questions, making stupid comments. Use your brains, people! Geez!

If there was no warning from a person of authority in the local level, then it’s quite safe to follow the directions of the other person who originally sent out the instructions.  So, the next time you ask a stupid question, expect to get a stupid answer or better yet a big “DUH” for you! Duh!

In the corporate world, you’re expected to be mature and to learn from your mistakes. Also, people expect you to be resourceful and independent ‘coz people can’t always be watching over your shoulders. It’s just impractical and downright tiring. Even if you’re not in a supervisor level, decision-making is a skill that should be developed by every employee. It comes in handy during times when there is no boss around and someone has to take the lead. Believe me!

The exception to this rule is when you’re new to the company, obviously, it’s the company’s obligation to train you in your new job, and your supervisor will probably work closely with you during the first few months. But once that’s over and you already know the ropes then work, work, WORK! Occassionally, your supervisor will give you some form of feedback and every so often, the company will give out additional trainings. But other than this,


Don’t worry about feeling that you’re just being used. You get paid! And you’ll get your reward or come-uppance during your evaluation. :-p


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