Party at Coco Cabana

You know it’s really funny that the featured article in RD Asia’s January issue is all about New Year’s resolution and how to go about it. The author/s laid out ten tips, and although I haven’t finished reading ’em all, I’ve managed to get to the part where the article says that it’s easier to make a New Year’s resolution than actually accomplish one. Which is already true, in my case.

At the start of this month, I made 10 resolutions – most of which can be accomplished if I really put my mind into it. All of those resolutions are practical and realistic. If there’s one thing I learned from my more-than-two-years stint in the call center industry is to always have SMART action plans. You know what that means?

S – specific
M – measurable
A – attainable
R – realistic
T – time-bound

Yep, that’s what it means. And it’s not only used in call centers, it’s often used anywhere – marketing, sales, finance, etc. The good thing about this technique is that you’re actually able to limit your goals to something that you are actually capable of accomplishing because you know your own capabilities.

Well, enough ranting. It’s just that with two weeks after making those resolutions I find myself partying again. And although the beer was free during the first part of the night, it was only true while I was at King’s birthday party. So, resolution to cut down on gimik expenses was compromised. Tsk, tsk.


I had fun, yes, but after much reflection, it occured to me that maybe what’s written in RD is actually making sense – motivation, not discipline, will get you to accomplish your resolution because what made you create that resolution in the first place was the need to have a goal, and once attained, you get to reward yourself. See? Motivation. Reward and punishment. It’s the old psychology thingy the we’re doing to ourselves when we make these resolutions.

*sigh* Oh, well… I still have 11 more months to go to try to actually do something about those resolutions (Yeah, right! That’s just trying to console myself. Hehe).

Anyways, you’ve seen previews of our pictures that night. Let me show you some more ‘coz this getting to be a pretty boring blog already. I’m not saying I didn’t had enjoy my weekend, I did! There, I said it. I enjoyed last Saturday, thank you very much.

Hahaha. Enough! I’m starting to sound like a schizo here.

Still sober, still sane

Kaninong kamay yan? I’ll give you 3 guesses… —> 

King with a red rose on her hair, G3 hugging all the beer in the bucket and me having just a glass of Absolut Mandarin (w/ 7-up, of course!)…Nah just kidding. The bucket’s for all of us and the Mandarin isn’t even mine (just for aesthetic purposes, hehe).

With Mac & King


<— Uhm, G3? What are you doing?


Having more fun at Cabana…


Uh, Gino and Mac showing the ropes?   —-   With King’s best bud (Kla)



Showing off (below)

More pix, more fun…



G3 and Glenda getting ready to leave the party…

 The Princess who is King

After hours of fun, we finally decided that we’ve let The Princess who is King use up too much of her savings, so we left. Haha. Just kidding. We left because some of us neede to sleep, while others didn’t want to get drunk, while still others decided to go to the Fort and have some more fun! Not much pictures from there. My head was already buzzing and I really couldn’t get my bearings straight (read yesterday’s blog which is the aftermath of this night). Hahaha!

Thanks, birthday girl for the party and free booze and pulutan! Sa mga susunod na partei ulet!

Next stop — Enchanted Kingdom!


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