Rush Hour 2

Yep, it is. We have another deadline for today and tomorrow. Same as last week. And as usual, the task of consolidating any concerns and introducing initiatives falls on me. Still, I don’t mind ‘coz the pressure gives me a thrill. Haha. One might say I’m addicted to being under pressure (no, I’m not!).

Even now, I’m trying to finish reviewing the companies that my colleagues has fact-check in order to make sure that they didnt’ miss anything at all. And I have to send a report! My gawd! What a mess! I thought we were over this once we completed last week’s special project. Hahaha. =p

Anyways, I really don’t mind at all. Anything to break the boredom of having to do the same thing over and over again, day after day. The challenge is invigorating. I don’t care it after a few hours it becomes routinary as well. I mean, it’s just for today or a couple of days – it’s not gonna be forever.

That’s all.
 -Miranda Priestly, The Devil Wears Prada

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