A Special Day

There’s nothing like spending a special day with your friends and loved ones. And boy, I have to tell you that last Saturday, I got to spend a lot of time with my friends and loved ones.

You see, my Saturday started exactly at midnight. I went tp the apartment in Manila after my work on Friday (got there at around eight in the evening). Malou, Ayee, Lemon and Nathan were there, too (Lhen was asleep). We were supposed to have a group picture taking (Nate’s request was that all of us wear white shirts) but it didn’t push through for some reason I don’t know about. I didn’t bother to ask anymore, the point was moot. So, my purpose of going there went down the drain but that was okay. I was so stressed out last Friday that as soon as I found out that Malou and Lemon didn’t have to go to work that night or the following day, I immediately told them that I wanted to go out and have some fun. Unfortunately, we couldn’t use my Munchkin’s car because there was something wrong with the lock so we had to wait for JM. And wait we did until after midnight! Gawd, it took forever for him to get there! To pass time, we decided to open up a bottle of wine that Ayee brought to the apartment. It was already chilled (or should I say cooled because it was put in the ref?) so it just a matter of opening it and drinking the contents.

Anyways, I’ve got work to do and I promised myself that I wouldn’t be boring you with a lot of talk in these posts anymore. I’ll just cut to the chase and tell you that we went to Pier One and had a couple of rounds of light beer. After that, we took Nathan home to Sta. Rosa ‘coz he would be spening his last day and a half with his family before he goes back to Singapore (Sunday, noon time). We also went our own separate ways (after JM took us to our individual homes, of course, hehe).

Okay, so you may think that my day was over. Actually, it was just beginning. I got home Saturday morning and slept until about 11. Since it was actually my birthday, I decided to hear Mass. I invited Arn along since I wasn’t able to spend a lot of time with at all when we were at Pier One (he arrived at four in the morning just as we were done for the night). After hearing Mass at Greenbelt, we had dinner and went window shopping at Glorietta. Malou and Lemon said they would be joining us but again for some reason, this didn’t push through. That’s twice in a twenty-four hour period.

Hmm… Must be something causing all these cancellations. Hehe.

Besides, I didn’t mind at all ‘coz I had another night out planned with my blockmates. Actually, it was more like one of my blockmates had a night out planned (listening to her brother play at an acoustic bar) and I was sort of invited. The place was in Aposento and it’s in Valero St. Good place to hang out, very warm setting (even though the walls and chairs were white), and friendly staff members. And not to mention that it’s very near the office. I hope people like it when they go there because I did. Or maybe it was just the crowd, the music and my companions? Hahaha!

So that’s the conclusion of a very long and very special day.

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