She sells Shisha by the sea shore

Okay, let’s try this one out…

She sells sisha by the sea shore, she sells sisha by the sea shore. Get it? No? Okay, one more time and that’s it. She sells Sisha by the sea shore.

There you go!


Looks like my friend here is having a good time. And to think that I just brought them to Katipunan because I was feeling selfish at that time and didn’t want them to go far from where I was going (one of my friends invited for a long DotA session at their new place in the Loyola Heights condo). Since Mac and Tracy wanted to have a chill out night, I suggested the place (Blu Finn) ‘coz it was near the DotA place. Hehehe

There’s the stage at the background. You can see the Blu Finn logo above our heads. What’s up with the tongue, Trace? You drunk or something? Maybe it’s the sisha?


Talk about dragons belching fire and smoke! Red and black dragons!


That’s some scary faces! 🙂

Anyways, we had fun that time. Not to mention that our faction in DotA won! Though I was more of a nuisance there actually than a real contributor to the victory. Still I had some kills. Hehe.

And the culprit?

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