D’Kast Reunion

I’m fresh out of creative juices. Right now I’m not feeling particularly creative and so you will forgive me if this articles seems to be a little boring (I’ll try to make it lively, of course).

Anyways, let’s get on with the story, shall we?

Nate came home from Singapore last December 29. He scheduled a get together with us and some others who were our officemates before. So on January 6, we went to his new place at Sta. Rosa, Laguna. The area where his new house is happens to be just past Enchanted Kingdom. But we didn’t go there anymore. Can you imagine that it now costs P600 to get the Ride-all-you-can Pass at EK? Yep. That’s the going rate right now on weekends and holidays. It’s cheaper by a hundred bucks on weekdays, but who’d go there on weekdays, right?

So, back to the story. We arrived there for merienda, snack time. Hehehe. Quite about just right.

Did I tell you that Nate is a good cook? Oh yes. He knows how to cook well. I ate to my heart’s content. One of the things that I missed about Nate (aside from his presence, of course – that’s a given, you silly person!) is his cooking. He’s really good.


I’ve taken more pictures. It just takes too much time to upload them to Flickr so I just choose the best (and wildest) ones to show here.

To continue, having consumed an excellent though late lunch/early snack, we settled down for some reminiscing of our time together as colleagues and officemates. “Oxygen” intake was free flowing! My gawd! I’m supposed to be quitting, remember? Hehehe. Anyways, will it count if I posted my resolution a week after New Year’s Day? Hmm…

Anyways… We went outside after some time (while there was still light) to enjoy the cool, fresh air and beautiful sunset of Laguna. No, we weren’t beside the lake. We were inside the subdivision and all we could see were houses, walls, cars and the sky. Still the wind on our faces and the company compensated for all that familiar modern images.

That’s us in front of the house. Quaint, isn’t it? If you could only see the entire place. The house is cute and cleant and so brand new (even though it’s not that brand new). And here’s another picture. Nathan (Nate) is the one with glasses in the red shirt.

Can u spell “Laugh?” Hehe. That’s Amy in the pink shirt, laughing to the max. Rochelle is a little blurry but you can still see we were having such a good time in each other’s company. Alexis is in the blue shit. In the background, Ayee (yellow with dark stripes), Kathy and Kuya Nato (left, in dark shirt) our driver.

Guess what we’re doing? We were trying to capture in film (or bytes) a celebratory jump. Okay, okay, it wasn’t celebratory but we had nothing else to do. Oops! Did I say “we”? I forgot, I’m the one behind the camera. Hehe.

Anyways, I’m tired now and so I’ll wrap this story up.

Yep, that’s Nate’s place at night. Pretty neat, huh?



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