Gearing Up, Setting Goals

It’s been a busy week. I hardly feel the New Year at all!

Anyways, it’s already 2007 and I think it’s time that I get serious with my life. For the longest time now I’ve been living the happy-go-luck life and I believe it’s time to be a little bit more responsible, not to mention, a little bit more conscious of achieving my dreams and goals.

  So what are my goals for 2007?

1. Get confirmed as a regular employee at my job;
2. If number 1 can’t be achieved, then get a replacement job immediately (no more bumming around, hehe);
3. Minimize unneccessary expenses (frequent gimiks, etc.);
4. Straighten out my savings account;

Okay those four are obviously related to each other. Now for my other goals this year.

5. Watch all the movies I’ve listed on my post yesterday

Isn’t it ironic that my number 3 goal completely contradicts goal number 5? Oh, well. I’ll figure something out. I’ll have to if I wanna watch all the great movies this year.

6. Minimize on the “oxygen” intake
7. After achieving goal numer 6, completely QUIT!

Yeah right! As if I haven’t done this before. I remember trying to restrict myself to consume a certain number of sticks per day before. That plan went down the drain. It always does. Always! Still, it’s not bad to set a goal for myself right?

8. Go to the gym (and lose some fats)!

My God! I’ve been telling myself to work out at the gym for years! People have always been asking me if I go to the gym (because I’ve got broad shoulders and all). But the truth is, I don’t. I’m just pretty lucky, I guess.

9. Maintain this blog, get high stats and get people to link this blog to their own site! 🙂
10. Visit other places in the country (aside from Puerto Galera, Baguio, and my hometown).

Okay, with God as my witness, I’ve set these ten goals for this year. I hope I manage to at least achieve half of them. It’d be embarrassing not to be able to finish anything at all! Hehe.

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