Watching a movie and Playing at Timezone

Haha! We got to go home early yesterday because the Internet connection was so slow – so slow that our online interface couldn’t even load. It was forever saying “Opening page (http://www…)”. Therefore… at 4:oo in the afternoon, we were done for the day. We decided to watch a movie. I wasn’t really up to doing it because all the cinemas happen to be showing tagalog movies because the Manila Film Festival started last Monday. But in the interest of camaraderie, I went for it. We were to watch a horror movie (or what passes for horror in the Filipino cinema-culture, hehe).

But since I just arrived from CDO and was burdened with my luggage, I decided to take a cab home first and deposit my cumbersome things (not to mention the huge traveling bag I brought). It’s fortunate that traffic was light and I got to the house in just 15 – 20 minutes (that’s the usual travel time if there’s no traffic congestion).

On my way to the mall, I found out that my officemates changed the movie we were going to watch because they wanted to have an early dinner first. I wasn’t too sure of watching it anymore. Oh, well… who cares? I’ll just sleep in the moviehouse. At least, that was the plan.

‘Lo and behold! I couldn’t sleep because the movie was a romantic comedy and many parts of the story were captivating (Shhh! Don’t tell anyone I’m watching tagalog movies now!), so bottom line? I wasn’t able to sleep at all. One of my officemates commented that the movie was worth it. After much reflection, I’d have to agree with him. Hmm… Maybe I should consider watching local movies now. Watcha think?

Naw! Hahaha!

After the movie, we hit Timezone and blasted some fiendish ghouls and monster – okay, okay, we played House of the Dead. I also played air hockey with one of my officemates. He won! Damn! And I’m suppose to be good at it! That’s what I think, at least. Heehee. I got a new Timezone card, by the way. And I plan not to lose this one. I wanna upgrade it to a gold card so I’d get discounts on the games. 🙂



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