Back to Work

I just arrived from my home city, and am again working my ass to earn good money as well as an excellent performance review come February. Hehehe.

Nothing really exciting happened during Christmas. We had our usual Christmas dinner along with some cousins and relatives at our lawn. I had anticipated that there would be lots of wine and I wasn’t sorely disappointed. Hehehe. Too bad we have no cork screw. The other two bottles would have to wait till we acquire or at least be able to borrow a cork screw. Still, I’m not complaining. Had enough wine during Christmas. ‘Twas good!

Hmm… Now let me see… Why in the world have I been craving for wine for the longest time? Shucks! I don’t know. All I know is that during my father’s Mason Christmas Party, I was looking for wine and since there was a limited supply, I wasn’t able to get some. This was on Saturday – day before Christmas eve. But even before that, I’ve been thirsting for wine.

Oh, well…

Anyways, after dinner, we proceeded to the Immaculate Conception Chapel at the heart of the college campus of my dear old Alma Mater – Xavier University (Ateneo de Cagayan) – for the traditional Christmas Midnight Mass (Is that what it is called? I know there’s another term, hehe). My mom was chivvying all of us to hurry up ‘coz we would be late and would not be able to get some seats. Fortunately, Xavier scheduled the Mass at 10:00 in the evening, so, aside from arriving early and getting good seats near the front, we also got a treat – a special Christmas Serenade! The organizers put together different artists and musicians to play holiday songs. There was this one family who played the violin – the father was really good, his two daughters were equally skillful as well and was able to keep up with him. The mom played the cielo.

After that, everything was pretty routine. Woke up late on Christmas morning, as expected. Hehe. Except that I bought shoes at Robinson’s – the much coveted GBX sneakers that I’ve been eyeing since I saw it at Cinderella at Glorietta. It was on sale (10% discount) and I would be able to get a free pair of slippers as well. So I took advantage of the promo! Hahaha! Good bargain, I say. The shoes are sleek like a cheetah, cool like a leopard, and I’ll be proud to wear it like a lion. =)

Well, that’s it. I’ll post some pictures here tomorrow or on Friday. I gotta get back to work now!



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