Monday Madness

Ah, yes… Another week when my friends and I went out on gimik on a MONDAYnight! I heard one of my officemates call it the “Monday Madness” ritual, and last night was indeed sort of mad! Hahaha. After shopping around for some gifts to give to my friends, we decided to hit the food court early so that we’d be able to start the night early and, consequently, leave early as well (unlike last time).

So, after having dinner at Food Choices, we were off to the restaurant arcade and start our little drinking session and peer bonding experience. Hehehe.

Let’s just cut to the chase, nothing really special happened. We talked as usual about the craziness of life at work and in general, talk about other things, most of which I can’t remember already, and drank four rounds of booze. Then around eleven in the evening, people were standing up and converging on places where they could see… two people dishing it out on each other (actually, it was more like one guy was beating the hell out of the other one with a beer bucket! Hahaha). And the funny thing was – nobody tried to stop them, not even the waiters, when they are within their rights to enforce peace and security within the premises of their bar – their workplace. So what if they get hurt? Their authorized personnel, they could very well file charges against those two people fighting.

We really don’t know what happened, or why they were fighting. It just ended just as suddenly as it started, and people went back to their tables, their booze and their pulutans. Talk about apathy. Hahaha!

Anyways, that was the highlight of the night. Oh and did I already tell you about one of our officemates totally forgot that our colleague just happens to be clueless of the identity of his sponsor for our Kris Kringle? Well, he did! And he accidentally let slip the name to our colleague! So much for the fun we had laughing at his reactions to all those small gifts over the past few weeks. There’s no more thrill now… Aww. Too bad. Tsk. Still it’s a small thing, so who cares?

The night ened quite early and I’m not complaining. Better early than late ‘coz this morning I still managed to actually arrive late! Hahaha.

That’s all for now. Ciao!


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