Christmas Party

December 8, 2006
Skyline, Mezzanine, World Trade Center
7:00 PM

The party officially started a few minutes after seven in the evening. My groupmates and I were all set – stomachs empty, throats thirsty and, of course, our attire… very, very sporty!

Uh-oh, there I go again… doing the rhymin’ and the rappin’… Oops! I’m not rappin’. Hehe


Here’s us… Still sober, waiting in line for our turn at the buffet table.


On the left, G3 and me with the rest of our Group 2 buddies from US Research. On the right, Team ESG with our senior analyst. Marcus, where the hell are you??!!


After dinner, the fun began… starting with a fashion show of the different groups. Let me see, there were the Goth people, the Fashion Victims (Jologs), the Sosy, the Geeks and lastly, the Cheerleaders and Athletes!

After the fashion show were intermission numbers from the first two groups, a game of Pinoy Henyo, the presentation of the last two groups and more games.



Not so good shots during the fashion show, but it was still early… I was still a little bit shy mingling with the rest of the “oldbies of the office”, so to speak. Hehehe. But we get to see more interesting shots later on…

For example:

But let’s get to the presentations first, particularly the peepz from the 28th floor which would be Group 1 (half of our team) and, of course, Group 2 (my team).

Groovin’ to the music of PCD’s “Wait a Minute”


But here’s me with my groupmates (Summer Nights – Grease)


Think what you want to… Hehehe!!! There are even better (or worse) pix later!


The peepz from the 19th Floor

Bring me bingo – we got the win! Wohoo!

So, you saw our “embarassing” pictures of Jingle Bell Rock… So, what? It took a lot of guts to do that in front of a lot of strangers. More guts to do it in front of our friends and teammates. But the bottomline is… my groupmates and I had lots of fun during practice sessions… aaaaaannnnddd… WE WON! Hahaha!

And the cherry on top? The big surprise from our senior analyst!



I’m not going to post any more embarassing nude pictures of our senior analyst. I might get told off, or worse, get banned by Word Press. If you want to view more pictures of the party, shoot me an e-mail or leave a message with your e-mail address, and I might just decide to share my photos with you from Kodak Gallery.

Well, that was a wild Christmas party!

From our team:



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