The Gathering

Today at 6 o’clock in the evening is the call time of our office Christmas Party at Skyline, Mezzanine, World Trade Center…

The storm’s gathering. Groups are finalizing their moves for their performance later and I’m just about to burst out of my skin! I’m so excited! Hahaha!

Anyways, I know I should be focusing on my work, but with my mind wandering aroud, thinking of the great juicy things that’ll happen tonight, I just can’t concentrate. Not to mention that there’s practically no in our floor except for several souls – like our team, and our two senior analysts – it’s like everyone’s out there preparing for the party (come to think of it, the Party Committee are already at the place)!

Oh, well… You can’t really blame me for being excited and more than looking forward to the party. Hehe. As you may well remember, I am a night creature and I love to party!

But as it’s still early, I know I should really be working on a company profile right now. So… Focus, focus… Time to work for the mean time.

Time till party – two hours and 36 minutes…


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