Humid December

It’s already December… It’s suppose to be chilly even in the bright sunshine! Why isn’t this December cool and fun? Huh?

Just over the weekend at the start of month, another super typhoon hit the country. Though it didn’t pass directly by Metro Manila, it was still devastating to the provinces it scoured. Poor, poor Bicol region. Hit by Milenyo, and just now hit again by another super typhoon by the name of Durian. I read in one of the online newspapers that 8% of that region hasn’t been given back power since the last time electricity went out two months ago. Ouch! Talk about living in the stone age!

Anyways, I sure hope there aren’t going to be any more strong typhoons coming to visit the islands this month.

Oh, and I’m still waiting when it would become chilly for me to feel the Christmas season.


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