Days of Bliss 2

Damn! So many things to do today! And I haven’t even posted on this blog yet, which is what I usually do when I get here first thing in the morning…

Anyways, this is the continuation of my two days of fun and happiness. I got to go out with my officemates and enjoy the sites of… Hmm… what sites? We just practiced all day long, had lunch, more practice and then off to our gimik. Hahaha… Nevermind!

Well, as you all know, 3 of our group is celebrating their birthdays days within each other. So, in order to save up on expenses, it is common for them to give a one-time big time birthday bash!

Here we are, waiting for our dinner (note: it’s already almost midnight and I haven’t had me some grub since four in the afternoon when I took a late lunch, waaaah!).

Two of the three B-day boys (uh, boy and girl… hahaha) – JM (in dark green) and Lemon (in white), with Arn-arn.

To cut the long story short, we had dinner at Jay-j’s restaurtant at Timog Avenue, after which, we were supposed to go play some billiards while singing some songs at the karaoke. But the place was closed, so we ended up at Providence Tower. Hahaha. Yeah, that famous Providence.

Since I don’t sing, I just let them have the mics and sing to their hearts content… Hehehe.

Here’re a few more shots of that night:

JM pouring the celebratory wine

All ten of us cramped inside a barely spacious room at Providence… Hahaha!

The diva!

The ever conceited (admitted from her own mouth) but really so truthfully beautiful Roche (si Ponkan yan, weh!)

Oh, heck. I don’t have to post a lot of pictures here. You can see them all on my Flickr account. It’s also named Vampyr Elite with an underscore between the two words. Hahahaha!

Ahh… those were my two days of bliss. Now? Back to work!

Work, work… Zug zug!


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