Gimik at that start of the week

Yeah, I may not had anything to do over the weekend. But come Monday night and my officemates and I were chilling out at one of the restos in the Glorietta area. The plan was just one beer but it actually became 5 rounds of beer! Hahaha!

Oh, yes… Start the week right! Drink and be happy!

Right now I’m so sleepy, I’d probably fall asleep on my desk while doing work. Hehe. The culprit?

And what time did I wake up? Well, it wasn’t really late… But I opted to lie in bed for another 15 mins which turned out to be a full hour!

Oh, well. At least I got here before 9:30 AM. Not so late as before. And to think that in the middle of that four- or five-hour sleep, I woke up because I got hungry and I was looking for something to eat!

Anyways, there was talk of making it a habit… Of something like starting the week right. Hehe. Can’t say I’m complaining. =)

We’ll see…

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