Do you really care?

A letter of complaint from my sister to PAL’s customer service after experiencing yet another pleasant representative at PAL’s Greenbelt office last Saturday, November 18. Poor, poor sister… Tsk, tsk. You seem to be always getting very bad customer service from PAL. Maybe you should change airlines – Mabuhay Miles be damned!

“To Whom It May Concern: PAL CSRs have a lot to learn about social graces and the right way to handle a customer. This is not to say that I am asking for VIP treatment (and this goes to the countless times I have been rudely attended to and the many other customers who went through the same predicament). All I’m asking is to be treated accordingly, i.e., “pleasantly.” A smile does not cost anything and more importantly, a sunny disposition would go a long way.

“I had a good day which just turned bad.I’m looking forward to the next unpleasant service I will get. This is beginning to sound not like déjà vu but SOP.

“I seem to be forgetting my manners — pardon me, but I’m tired of the not-so-good service.” 

Ironic isn’t it? If you go to their website, Philippine Airlines, and click on “Contact”, you’ll actually find out that their Customer Relations email address is “” Now tell me if that’s just appropriate, huh?

My sister also told me a story of a columnist who was so pissed off with PAL’s service a few years back that he decided to write it on his column. What did PAL do? Sent him a free ticket to anywhere he desires! Which pissed off the writer even more. And you know what? A lot of people actually wrote to him and told him of their similar experiences with PAL that he was “overwhelmed” at the number. So he decided to do a follow up column. Both articles were published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

I certainly wouldn’t want to experience things like this especially since I’ve had good experiences with PAL so far. They’ll rue the day they even think of messing up my day. Hehehe.

Well, PAL, I think you should open your eyes and actually look and listen at how your employees are behaving. I haven’t experienced any unpleasantness so far but apparently a lot of people have already. Just because your the country’s flag carrier airline doesn’t mean that you can be high-handed and snobbish to ordinary customers – the common tao. As my sister wrote above, it seems to be becoming SOP for PAL reps to act rudely.

Yet when searching for comments about this airline, I found a lot of mixed opinions. Here’s the link to that one site I visited: Passenger Opinion about PAL. Most of those who commented were actually talking about their in-flight experiences, and a lot were international flights. Well, no wonder!

Well, anyways, enough ranting. Want to know more about this airline and its direct competitor? Head on over here for PAL and there for its competition. You can also visit and read the articles in Wikipedia. They’re quite reliable.


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