It’s a Wild World out there!

Arriving late at a party is in nowadays… At least, I know it is. That’s life. Hahaha. But there’s no escaping the truth that, instead of arriving at around 10 PM, we were late for Mac’s birthday party @ the Tonic Bar in Esquinita near ABS-CBN (we got there at around 11 in the evening – quite late already, I know). Sorry, Mac, but at least we were there. You know what they say – better late than never.

That’s a picture of us at the entrance to the place. We were still respectable then, or at least we looked respectable. Hehehe. You disagree? Well, can’t help but shrug it off. You see, it’s a free country and we do have this so-called “Freedom of Expression”. And I do know that I was still respectable and looked respectable when we got to the place. So bug off! Lay off the criticisms until later!

Anyways, I won’t tell you the details of the evening. For one thing, I’ve already forgotten some of the things that happened (but not the juicy tidbits, of course, hehehe).


Still happy, still sober… still lucid!

But what always happens when you mix alcohol and music? See pix below…

Oh, yeah… It’s a wild world out there! Go, Mac, give her a lap dance!

Of course, not everthing’s wild. Others aren’t show offs and they do control themselves. Some are still below the extreme…

But still happy (G3 and his gf). =)

As for the rest? Well, let’s just say that one of my friends just told us that “Nakakahiya pala…” Well, if you think about it for a second, it is a little bit embarrassing but what’s the point of having a good time without a little bit of the wild thing? You may be ashamed of the things you did but take note that, for most of the time, this always happens when you’re out there… chillin’, dancin’, groovin’, partyin’! And you weren’t the only one.  That’s life! C’est la vie.


You can see more pix at my Flickr page, just click on the lil’ image icons at the left side.

If you still think it’s embarrassing, remember this – people were drunk or at least tipsy that time. There’s a lot of chance that they’ve already forgotten what you did last weekend (heck, I think they’ve forgotten what you looked like already)!

Still think it’s safe out there? Think again! Here, you’ve just seen some candid shots of a breed of creatures which are known as Nocturnus parti animalis at their natural habitat. These creatures thrive by consuming simple things – alcohol (or any alternative to alcohol) and a little bit of pulutan. They’ve also got rituals of dancing and singing!

It’s a good thing that I know how to control myself most of the time. I like to dance and listen to some party and trance music but I don’t let myself be carried a way all the time… Sometimes…

Only when I know it’s safe to be wild!

There you go…


2 comments on “It’s a Wild World out there!

  1. looks like quite the night!

    or in the words of the beastie boys:

    Another place – another train
    Another bottle in the brain
    Another girl – another fight
    Another drive all night

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