Alright, I know I woke up late today- I just love to lie in bed (sleeping happens to be one of my favorite pastimes). So it seems that the worm was winning again. Or so I thought… But when I got to the terminal to get my ride to the office, there was no line! A few minutes of waiting and we were off to the Central Business District.

On the way, I thought that traffic must be really heavy by this time ‘coz it was after 8:30 AM. But I got another big surprise – traffic was normal! Hahaha! I actually made it to the office in 15 minutes.

The conclusion? After last week’s daring worm escapades, we’ve now reached a crucial point in our little contest – an equilibrium.

But how long before one of these two contenders decide to tilt the balance again?


We’ll find out sooner or later…

By iamjoe Posted in A v A

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