Longest weekend ever… Sunday

Okay, here’s the last installment of the Longest Weekend Ever trilogy. Take note, this happened from November 3 till November 5, not this recent weekend.

Technically speaking, it was already Sunday when I went home after spending the whole night at my officemate’s place down south, however, my day was just about to end. I seriously needed to get some Z’s, not to mention that I needed to remove my contact lenses already. I’ve worn them for more than 8 hours now. I know I’m used to wearing it even longer nowadays but it’s not good for my eyes. They need to get some rest. My poor, poor eyes…

Well, anyways, enough ranting. Sunday morning came and I got up early. I had at least 3 appointments for the day. And wonder of wonders (well, maybe not really), my brother wasn’t home yet. I got a text message from him asking me to wait for him to get home before I left. I thought about what time he would be coming home so that I can finally proceed to my first appointment, but decided that he must be on his home by then.

10 o’clock came and the mall was already open. I was gonna be late for my first appointment (strictly speaking, it wasn’t really an appointment because there was no time set, however, due to the fact that I had a time set for my second and third appointments, completing the first as soon as possible became crucial). But it soon became obvious that since I got the text message at around 9 AM, he be home at around 10 AM. But he wasn’t! So what do you do when you have a tardy brother and you’re tardy yourself for your own appointment? Go to the mall already, of course. And let your brother follow after you to get the keys. Hahaha!

On the way to the mall, I had to contact my friends that we we’re gonna have lunch before I had my hair done instead (So I swapped my first and second appointments). All the waiting had gotten me hungry. And boy, I was in a not so good mood anymore due to the following factors (hehe): 1) lack of sleep, 2) very slight and tiny hangover, 3) my tardy brother, and 4) my friends were insisting that we dine at TGIF. TGIF! Hello? I’ve had my schedule rigged up for a little self-pampering at Bench Fix Salon (I even saved my money for this), not for a high-class lunch at a fancy restaurant! So… long story short, I was in a bad mood when I got to the mall. And I was being open about it, although my friends didn’t know the reason why.

Anywaaays… I got through lunch with minimal incidents (one being I was on the point of leaving them to their TGIF lunch, while I went to look for a cheaper place to have lunch) and I was off for my 2nd appointment which I scheduled with Bench Fix at 1:30 PM. I thought fixing my hair would only last for about two to three hours. How wrong was I. It actually lasted for 5 hours! Wow! That was the longest time I’ve spent at the salon so far. Hahaha!

At six in the evening, I was on my way to my third appointment – visiting my close friend at Makati Medical Center. She’s fainted again for the nth time! So, duty calls, visit, visit, visit. That hospital’s fast becoming a hangout for my peers and I. Hahaha! Fortunately, it hasn’t been me on the hospital bed. It’s usually one of them. =)

After spending an hour or so there, I finally decided to go and meet my family for dinner (last activity for the day, wohoo!). Sadly, it was still on the other side of town. But at least I get to take the train there – faster and cheaper – so I didn’t have to spend hours on the road. And… at the end of all that traveling – FOOD!

Huh! Phew! What a tiring weekend. I felt that it took me 5 days – a week, even! – to accomplish all those activities. But you know it only took my two and a half days…

Anways, that’s the story of my longest weekend ever…


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