Newsflash! Worm menace

In a daring attempt just this morming, the worm has struck again for the third consecutive time, leaving Avian authorities baffled as to how it managed to execute such an audicacious move.

Reports are still coming in and information is sketchy but witnesses say that the incident happened between 7:30 AM and 9:30 AM local time (+8 GMT). Witnesses also report that the worm has somehow grown twice in since since it eluded capture last week!

“It was doubling back on itself and was twice as long as last time it was sptted,” says one witness, who wishes to remain anonymous.

“Where have the early birds gone?” another witness asked, concerned over this latest menace in society!

The populace is concerned over this rising trend and they are clamoring for more action from the authorities. As of press time, there has been talk of setting up alarm clocks and multiple wake up calls all over the place to tighten up measures. The leading authority of AvA has promised swift reforms and solid actions against this atrocities.

Arrived at the office – 9:30 AM. Damn! Gotta wake up earlier and move faster…

By iamjoe Posted in A v A

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