Longest weekend ever… Saturday

So when we left off last time, the story ended on Friday night – well, technically, it was already early Saturday night, but it was still dark and it wasn’t even close to dawn yet – as my brother and I were going home to get some Z’s. There was talk that we might be going to Enchanted Kingdom (EK) and have some fun there. So since I had already planned some activities for Sunday, if we were pushing through with EK, I wanted it to be on Saturday.

Well, Saturday morning came and went and, unfortunately, we didn’t leave for EK. My older sibling wanted to go to EK in the afternoon. I didn’t want that because there would be too many people already and we’d be waiting for rides in long lines! I mean looooooong here. Trust me on this, when you go there on weekends, you have to be there as it opens so you can enjoy the more popular rides (Space Shuttle, Viking, Log Jam, Rio Grande, etc.) without having to wait for hours to get the ride!

Instead of spending the whole day cooped up in the apartment, I invited my brother to play Defense of the Ancients – more popular known as DotA – at Greenbelt. I also invited some of my officemates so that it wouldn’t be just the two of us playing against each other. At least we’d actually get some action (even though my brother hasn’t played the game in about six months).

We started the games late, and we also ended late with just two games played. But that was fine ‘coz our team actually won during the second game. It was a very close call, too. I thought we would actually lose that one (the first game was a priv game between me and my brother, and my officemates). But wonder of wonders, we managed to pull it off and victory was ours. Hahaha!

Dinner was a Shakeys restaurant with my sister who caught up with us. My officemates wanderes elsewhere for the mean time while they waited for me. After that, I left my siblings (my brother was going home to change for gimik clothes while my sister would also be going home, too) and went to look for my friends.

For the next hour, we were discussing where we would be hanging out. We tried to convince another officemate to  bring her car so we could go to Libis but instead got convinced ourselves that it would be better to go to another officemate’s house in the south so we could save on expenses.

And the fun started…

There’s a saying that goes something like this: “What you see and what you hear, when you leave, leave it here.” So, sorry folks, you won’t get details about our drinking session at our officemate’s place in the south. Hahaha! Suffice to say that it was a day of late starts – we started playing late and we started drinking also late. Of course, when you start something late, you also end it late.

Oh well, it’s not actually the first time that I would went home in the hours – even minutes – before dawn. Hehehe.

Arrived home at around 5:00 AM!

To be continued…

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