The worm has struck again


Poor, poor birdie! Still an amature, still can’t get the worm, still going hungry every minute the worm eludes it.

Tsk, tsk.

But I don’t think the it was the bird’s fault though. If you remember my last post about the eternal conflict between avian and annelida, the bird caught the worm. But if you’ve read that article carefully, the worm said it was just a part of it and that it was still out there somewhere. Well, it looks like the slippery and slimy man was telling the truth, afterall.

 Here’s a sketched profile of our suspect. As you can see, it’s mercilessly snickering at what it considers as a blundering idiot.

The worm has been biding it’s time, it seems. Today, it was doubling back again on itself. The worm was as long on one side as it’s other side. And it wasn’t afraid of the heat of the sun.

And the bird? No where to be seen…

Arrived at the office a few minutes just before 9:00 AM

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