Longest weekend ever… Friday

It felt like I spent a whole week doing a long list of things when it really was just two whole days.

Yep, last night, I was so tired that right after dinner at Megamall, I went straight home and dropped dead, figuratively speaking.

The long weekend started on Friday when I met my friend at a Starbucks branchin one of the call center buildings to catch up on things. She’d just returned from a week-long vacation in Singapore and I wanted to hear some news about our friends there. I also wanted my pasalubong, hehe. Over coffee and smoke, I got the info I wanted from Singapore. Hey! There’s an opening there in one of the companies, by the way. Maybe I’ll apply online. Who knows? My application might be accepted. Dinner was just right beside the cafe – KFC. That KFC branch’s service sucks big time! If there’s anyone reading this who happens to work in that branch or is from KFC, I’m telling you, I don’t get the service from other KFC branches in that branch. My friend agrees with me and since she just works in the building right across the street, I believe her.

After that, I met my brother at Ayala Center. He arrived that morning to spend his birthday weekend here in Manila. We waited at Starbucks 6750 for his friend who also works there. Since I’d already have dinner, I left him and his friend to look for a place to eat while I wandered around the mall to look for anything interesting.

It was Starbucks again after dinner at Greenbelt this time. I’d just gotten my 2007 planner promo card or whatever they call it so I was game to earn a few more stickers (just got one though) and be one of the first to redeem the card for the planner. I positive love the planner for 2007. It’s leather bound (at least I think it’s leather). I remember the barrista from the other Starbucks branch tell me, “Go for it, sir!” after they showed me how it looks like. Duh! You don’t have to tell me. I’ve been collecting the planner since it was launched in 2004. It’s already a given for me. Hahaha!

Anyways, enough about the planner (have to look for people to bring to Starbucks so I can get free stickers *grins*). We had no place to hang out, all the tables were all full and the benches were wet ‘coz it rained earlier. So what do you do when you’re left standing drinking coffee or a frap? Watch a movie, of course. What else?

So… what to watch? Choices, choices. Well, actually, there weren’t a lot of choices that time. I’ve already seen The Prestige and The Banquet. And the other movies, I didn’t even hear about until I saw the posters except for one – The Grudge 2 – which happened to be the one we watched. It wasn’t as scary as the original Japanese version. That one was just plain creepy. But we did have some fright experience and then some laugh trips. Don’t ask me how you could laugh while watching a horror movie. You wouldn’t understand the way my convoluted mind works. Hehehe.

Anyways, it’s time to wrap this blog up. It’s getting as long as my weekend!

After the movie, we decided to hung out anywhere to chat a bit. Giligan’s was the only place available that we could talk decently ‘coz the music there wasn’t deafening. A couple of beers, midnight snack of pork sisig, and we were all set. Oh, by the way, Giligan’s pork sisig is the best I’ve tasted so far. Every time I go there, it’s always the same quality. As a carnivorous mammal, I’ve had my fair share of the different incarnations of sisig, and Giligan’s is my favorite. Dear Giligan’s manager/owner, do I get a free meal/drink or discount for endorsing your product? Just let me know by posting a comment on this blog. Hahaha.

After Giligan’s it was time to go home to catch up on my Z’s. I’ve been awake for more than twelve hours already and I was getting sleepy and tired. Not to mention that my brother has some vague plans to visit Enchanted Kingdom anytime during the weekend.

to be continued


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