I’m an Uncle now!

Dear friends,

Starting today, I’ve officially become an uncle to my eldest sister’s first born son, Julian Nikkos!

Wohoo! Yipee!

Drinks are on me! Go to your nearest bar or club or pub or whatever you call the place where you can get a beer or drink! Drinks are on me! Hehe.

Anyways, congratulations to my eldest sister for a safe delivery last night. That’s yesterday here, where I am. Around 2PM local time, I think, my mom texted that she gave birth at around 11PM. Since DST’s not active yet, we’re only ahead by 15 hours.

Edit time: 12: 45 PM

Safe, anyway, as far as I knew I while ago… I heard that the umbilical cord got wound up around the babe’s neck when he came out. The brat was already causing problems. Hahaha… Also, I heard that Julian didn’t cry at first. My other sis told me that the doctor wasn’t at the delivery room yet ‘coz after the nurses induced Big Sis to give birth, baby Julian came out quite quickly. There were only nurses there so my sister’s hubby had to make the baby cry using some medication or something. I forgot the term. Hehe.

Anyways, Julian’s fine now. Did you get frightened? Hehehe. Don’t worry. My sister’s a professional nurse and her hubby is some kind of therapist. Again I forgot the term. Julian’s in good hands.

Edit time: 4:15 PM

Welcome to the world, Julian Nikkos!