What’s happening to me?

Want booze? Hmm…

Nah! Not right now. I had booze last night. I didn’t drink a lot. I didn’t even finish my last bottle. I was tired and wasn’t really up for drinking alcoholic stuff, let alone just a couple bottles of beer. Still, one has to respect the efforts of one’s friends. After all, it was his treat in honor of his upcoming birthday and just to celebrate the end of another semester. Hehehe.

Lately, I’m finding myself not enjoying drinking beer anymore. At times, I look for other fun activities. Heck, sometimes, I even get bored when I’m out with my friends – no offense to all my friends. But it’s just that I’d rather have dinner, watch movies, do other things except drink beer or other alternatives to it.

I don’t know what’s happening.

I used to be a party animal. I could spend the entire night partying – drinking, dancing, laughing, more dancing, more drinking until I could no longer move. Haha! That was back in college and the few years right after college. Though I still think of doing those things now and again, the idea no longer excites me enough at times. I find myself reminiscing on past experiences.

Just this morning, I woke up groggy and tired. Thinking of coming to work late ‘coz I wanted to lie in and get some more sleep… Tsk, tsk.

*Gasp!* What’s happening to me?

Am I getting tired of life? Should I get a new hobby? Maybe I’ll start going to the gym? I dunno…



Yeah, maybe I should get a new hobby. Maybe I’ll start exploring the outdoors again. Join a nature group or mountaineering org or something. Recharge my batteries…