The Worm’s been caught today

Yep. It’s caught! The bird’s been practicing and working out. Looks like all those hardwork finally paid off. But the worm said it wasn’t done yet. A part of it is still out there, still eluding the bird’s effort to catch it (all of it).

I’d say this was a day of victory. The bird was finally early enough to catch the worm – part of it, anyways, according to the worm. Good for the bird! Good for the worm (whatever)!

But it ain’t good for me, I’m afraid. The only reason I was early was because I couldn’t find anything to eat for breakfast. I’d consumed all the bread yesterday and there was nothing left this morning. Poor, poor me. I’ll have to make do working without breakfast today. Huhuhu…

Food! I want some food for breakfast! Gimme some food!

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