Hacienda Roadtrip

Over dinner at Circles – Makati Shangri-la, we got wind of our clients’ plan to visit the mango farm of our senior analyst in Batangas. So what did we do? Invite ourselves, of course. What else?

Call time – 6:00 AM; Location – Shell Mckinley Rd Station; Actual departure time – 7:30 AM – Don’t look at me. I wasn’t late, for once. In fact, I was the third to arrived at the meeting place. No name calling please! Hehehe.

Alright, here are some pictures of our roadtrip.

On our way to SLEX: Me, Niko (behind me), Ryan, Marcus and King (our driver).

Stopover @ Petron SLEX: Marc, King and Niko hanging outside Mcdonald’s at Petron.


Tracy, Mac, G3, Jeff, Alan. King is the only girl in the pix – isn’t obvious?

Blazing away at the Star Tollway: Profile of a Reckless Driver in action.


Speeding away on G3’s Fortuner. Mac, Tracy and Jeff. G3’s behind the wheel.

Another stopover: Should I even be bothering with names? Go back and review the cast of characters, please!

The Hacienda at last!

From left to right: Marc, Niko, King, Mac, G3, Heidi (our trainer), Ryan, Jeff and me!

Additions to the cast: Peter (in dark red, another trainer), Alan (in green) and Hazel (in orange)


Ooh! What a cute doggie! It belongs to our senior analyst – he’s the one in the green polo shirt.

Okay, ’nuff said! Time to go back to work.