My Last Daily Blog?

We’ve just heard from a senior colleague that starting tomorrow, the company I work for will be using another Internet service provider with very strict fire walls!

Damn! Does this mean that I can’t go to the Internet gaming and blog sites to release my stress? What am I going to do? I’ve already bookmarked a lot of these sites just so I will have something to do in case I’m having the beginnings of a headache/migraine or when I’m pretty tired from doing a lot of work and need to relax a bit.

I can’t live without my blog! I’ve invested a lot of time and effort on this blog, dammit! Don’t take this away from me! Grrr…

*sniff, sniff*

Oh, well. There’s only one way to find out…

Come back here tomorrow and see if I can still access this site. Else, my blog’s gonna go from daily to weekly!

Thanks for coming here daily though. I hope you’ll continue to visit my blog even though I may not be able to post here daily. I’m still keeping this blog.


2 comments on “My Last Daily Blog?

  1. the ISP can’t really do much about what goes in and out of your network bro! unless you don’t have an IT Department, w/c i doubt, and your company is directly paying your ISP for this network administration thingy.

    besides, strict firewalls doesn’t mean it won’t let a lot of sites through. unless you are viewing porn or sites that have been blacklisted for illegal stuff, there’s a good chance that won’t be blocked.

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