I was a Worm, but the Bird still didn’t get me!

Hey, there! It’s me again… And yes, I was a worm earlier this morning. Fortunately, or unfortunately – depends on how you would look at it – the early bird didn’t get to me. Should I be happy? Again the answer to this would be depend on your view. My answer, actually, is no, I wasn’t happy.

Yesterday, I complained that the early bird still didn’t get the worm, to use the metaphorical analogy of the worm being me getting to the office quite early. Now, the situation is a little bit more literal but still metaphorical. I was the worm – or should I say, part of the worm, hmm?

Well, anything could apply. The reason for this was the loooooong – I really mean long here – line for the Ayala FX taxis! It doubled back on itself and I had to wait like around 20 minutes to get my ride!

What is it with this early bird? Why can’t it get it’s worm? Maybe it need some training? Maybe it was weaned from its parents early and it wasn’t able to properly learn to catch its prey. Poor, poor bird. It’s going to starve sooner or later.

Oh, well. I’ll have to continue my study of this wonderful act of nature. Who will prevail? Will it be the Bird or the Worm?

It’s Avian vs. Annelida!

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