Who says the early bird catches the worm?

So I woke up early today in order to be at the office way, way before 8 o’clock. When my alarm clock sounded off the second time this morning, it was my cue to get up. I purposefully set my cellphone’s alarm clock to ring out 6 o’clock sharp. Then I set another alarm at 6:30 using the “Reminders” feature on my cellphone.

Well, I got up dutifully and started preparing my cereal breakfast. I consumed it about 15 minutes. Then I took my shower and got ready to go to work. Leaving the house at around 7:10, I arrived from my short walk to the FX waiting area. Would you believe it – I was seventh in line for the next ride.

So… Happy that  I wouldn’t have to wait that long, I patiently stood there. 

Or so I thought…

At first, I didn’t realize that it had already been more than 5 minutes. A cool breeze was blowing from the east, and for a while, I enjoyed the cool blend of the early morning wind and the a little heat from the sun.

A few more minutes later, the heat was rising and I was beginnning to get tired of standing still. The sun had risen up a few inches and the shadowy protection from the nearby 1-storey building would soon be lost if I continued to wait there. Finally, starting to feel annoyed at the delay, I checked my watch and was surprised that 10 minutes had already passed. Other people were also starting to realize that the wait was unsual. Usually, on weekday, FX cabs would only be a few minutes between – there are two lines, one bound for Landmark and Legazpi Village, and the other straight to Ayala Avenue.

After several more minutes, an FX arrives. At last, I thought… Again my I was disappointed. The barkers decided it would be passengers bound for Landmark and beyond to take this taxi.

*Sigh* All my early morning preparations all for naught. It was already 7:30 AM. If this keeps up, I might not arrive at the office before 8:00! Thankfully, another FX arrives soon after and I finally got my ride to Ayala Avenue.

Now who was it that said that the early bird catches the worm? Obviously, I can’t rely too much on this saying because leaving the house at around 7:10 or even earlier is suppose to make me arrive at the office before 7:30 or 7:45 AM. But as it is, I arrive a little before 7:50 this morning.


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