Petiks Mode

Finally! I’m done processing my database. All 1, 454 companies! Whew! That’s a lot of companies to look up. Good thing some were under the same parent company. If it weren’t for those, I would still be working my ass off like a dog. Hahaha!

So, right now, I’m relaxing. Checking at these two different websites to help me in our upcoming major project on global sustainability. You might be interested in these websites, too. Who knows? You could pick up a lot of topics that you could bring with you during coffeebreaks, dinners, etc. Anyways, if you’re interested, these are the two: ASrIA and SIRAN.

So, I’m off. Gotta do a lot of reading. Gotta prepare. Gotta make sure my character on Adventure Quest reaches Level 60 by today. Hahaha! Also, I need to check some of my work again before I end my shift today. You know, just to be sure. Can’t be too laid back.

Missing You

I’m sitting here brooding,
Wondering what’s making me down,
Thinking and contemplating,
About the things that make me frown.

Then I suddenly remember you,
And I realize that all these anguish,
Is because of a missing part in my life.
Oh, how I wish
That you’d still be here
Holding me in your arms,
Keeping me warm and safe
And peaceful through the night.

But life isn’t like that all the time.
And so I’m left here brooding,
Wondering what’s making me down,
Mulling over and considering
About the things that make me frown.

Will you ever be back? I wonder,
Days that I’m left grieving,
The nights making me sadder,
Remembering you by my side,
Your smile bright and so wide,
While I’m with you,
Anything can I abide.

And so I’m sitting here pondering,
Remembering our memories together,
When I’m with you,
I can never stop smiling.

And the things that make me frown,
The things that make me down,
All disappear at the thought of you,
All with your sweet, sweet eyes,
And your smooth, sensuous lips,
And your cute, marvelous face.

And so I’m sitting here smiling,
No longer wondering what’s making me down,
For I’ve remembered something else,
That makes me entirely forget to frown…