My New Work

Okay, so I’ve got a new job… It’s been four months since I resigned from my last job and although it eventually got boring and tiresome, I still enjoyed my extended vacation. Mwahahaha!

It’s been fun so far. During the first two day, there wasn’t really anything serious we were doing – just some orientation on a temporary project that we would be doing for roughly around two weeks since the trainers from America haven’t arrive yet and won’t be here till the middle of the month. Last Wednesday, my officemates and I thought that we would finally be able to start on the project and we did! Unfortunately… minutes into it the power went down and, sad to say, our CPUs didn’t have any UPSs. So we had to restart all over again… Sheesh! The lesson here? Always save your work in case of power shortages or power outages. Haha! We have UPS now.

We’re into our 2nd full day of this project. It’s not that hard but we really have to be careful that our data and information is accurate. So far I’ve done everything to comply with the process and requirements. It’s just that at the end of the day, sometimes I get the beginnings of a headache. I guess this is what I get for sitting in front of the computer for the whole day.

Anyways, I’ll post more office antics here in the future. Just keep on coming back!


One comment on “My New Work

  1. ey congratulations on your new job bro. did i ever get to congratulate you? hahaha.. .

    ey i got a PR 4 on my wordpress blog. hahaha.. . that’s a google rank for how relevant your site is to them. i’ve only had this blog for about 3 months or so.. .. hehehe.. . my other blog is not that “popular.” it has no PR and only has half the daily visitors i have with my wordpress blog.

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