Wrath of the Storm II

Continued from: Wrath of the Storm I 

From the start I knew that it was the worst typhoon I’ve experienced n my six-year stay in the country’s capital. During college, I’ve often been soaked in the rain going to and from my classes between buildings, especially during the wet season. But although this time I stayed indoors, I couldn’t help but feel that I was glad that I cancelled all my appointments for that day.

Friday came and I could no longer put off getting my TOR and certification from the Ateneo Registrar’s Office. Gloomily, I went to Katipunan, witnessing the storm’s devastation of Metro Manila on the way there. Trees, billboards, lamp posts, electric wires and even houses were uprooted, severed, toppled, blown off, etc. Everywhere I looked the streets were littered with debri and damaged properties. The newspapers are estimating billions of pesos worth of damaged property, losses and even injuries and deaths.

But the most obvious devastation Typhoon Milenyo has wrought to the country is the loss of power. Power went down starting on Thursday morning. At first, it would seem, I thought, that it was only for a few hours. Towards midday I changed my mind and decided that it must be until after the storm’s passed. Surely, Meralco cut down the power on purpose to minimize accidents while the storm was raging outside. I hoped in vain. Thursday night came – no more storm, yet no power either.

Three days of darkness… no power, no telephone service, Globe and Smart had trouble servicing all of their respective areas due to the loss of power. I have Starbucks to thank for because I managed to survive boredom, heat exhaustion and plain annoyance during those three grueling days.

to be continued…


One comment on “Wrath of the Storm II

  1. hey bro, i got a similar post as this one. only mine was more of thanking the malls and starbucks for the free cellphone recharge! in a joking manner that is.. . hahaha.. .. w/out the malls, starbucks would we have survived the 3 days.. . 😀

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